The Giants Journey in Limerick
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Speaking to a member of the Royal de Luxe, as they walk through the Music rehearsal area, we chat about preparations leading up to the big weekend, writes Jennifer Purcell.

The music plays loudly in the background, its infectious sound is quite distracting. I tap my pen as I pose questions to the Royal de Luxe crew.

“Operations are running smoothly, as this week’s focus is on the final sound tests,” the spokesperson said.

As the Grandmother takes to the streets of Limerick, a live music truck will follow her journey, creating an invigorating atmosphere across the crowd.

The sound track is composed solely by French composer Michel Augier. His catchy melodies have promised to be “stuck in your head for at least two weeks”.

“The Irish and French crew are very positive and there’s a massive, positive energy around the work area.”

The Royal de Luxe team is very impressed with their sponsors in the lead up to the event.

Masterchefs have been making sure the giant Grandmother has been getting her three meals a day, since her arrival last week. Whilst also catering for all groups partaking in the production.

The University of Limerick has helped tremendously. With services provided from UL accommodation, the sports arena, Spar UL, and the UL concert hall.

The Crescent shopping centre is another proud sponsor of the Royal de Luxe, along with partner websites such as Tourism Ireland.

Huge support has come from Irish Rail, especially with regards to their online service.

As this is the City of Culture’s flagship event of the year, Irish Rail have kindly set specific fares for those travelling from around the country to this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

There will be extra services running in the lead up to the event, with full details available on the Irish Rail website.

Limerick will expect to gather between 100,000 and 200,000 people along the streets of the city across the weekend.

The online presence of the Royal de Luxe has grown hugely since they began earlier this year. Social media such as Twitter and Facebook have risen from five figures to seven figures, with regards to readership and followers

Since the Grandmother’s visit to Liverpool in July, the energy for Limerick’s visit has boomed.

Liverpool created a spin off effect for the giants visit to Limerick, with anticipation rising as the time comes closer.

The Royal de Luxe will be propitious to Limerick’s city of culture, as Ireland’s biggest event of 2014.

The countdown is on, with less than 10 days to the Grandmother’s appearance. Backstage at Royal de Luxe seems to be cool, calm, and confident.

Everyone involved is really enthusiastic, it’s all about creating the buzz from here on in.

“Although there’s Irish working alongside the French, there’s no language barrier. We have an interpreter, so the team are all working together really well. Insuring the Grandmother’s every need is seen to”

Royal de Luxe founder, Jean Luc Courcoult hosted a press conference earlier this week, speaking about the giant’s visit to Limerick.

“She is tough, daring and mischievous. Her character is intrepid, adventurous and full of tenderness overall,” he said.

The story line of the show is the element of surprise. The aim is to wow, and entertain the public.

The 30 foot Grandmother will arrive by train, to begin her adventure across the city. She will call to Sarsfield Barracks, Lee Estate, and Shelbourne Park, to name but a few.

Traffic restrictions will be in place across the weekend, with the full list of road closures available on

It is predicted that the giant’s visit will be worth around €30 million to Limerick shops, restaurants and accommodation providers.

From September 5th- 7th- It’s a weekend that will leave a giant footprint in the Culture capital of 2014, will you be there?

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